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In order to address the objectives foreseen by the project, the activities have been divided in different working packages, each one dedicated to one specific goal. In detail:

  • WP1) Local living labs for co-designing the new agroecosystem. Co-designing in locally established living labs new agroecosystems for apple and pear fruit cultivation to cope with the main climate change related stressors and risks typical of Mediterranean fruit producing areas. The new agroecosystem will be characterized by 3 specific basic principles, going beyond conventional agricultural systems and will be managed under the framework of the “IPPM (Integrated Pest and Pollinator Management) paradigm”, a new approach that aims to enhance Integrated Pest Management (IPM) compatibility with crop pollination management.
  • WP2) Set up and Testing of the new agroecosystems. Testing the performance and the provided ecosystem services of the DREAM agroecosystem on apple and pear in terms of: i) orchard agronomic and physiological efficiency; ii) yield and quality of the fruit production; iii) plant health; iv) pollination services and pest pressure mitigation, v) soil fertility enhancement) above and below-ground functional biodiversity.
  • WP3) Integrated socio-economic and environmental assessment. Assessing the Economic, Environmental and social sustainability of the DREAM agroecosystem in terms of farm economic stability for apple and pear production.
  • WP4) Acceleration of growth through adjusted strategies and consumer /farmer acceptance. Proposing specific marketing strategies for the products derived from the DREAM agroecosystem while assessing farmers acceptance as well as consumer perception.
  • WP5) Dissemination and training to farmers and actors along the value chain.Enhancing dissemination and communication of the DREAM agroecosystem as well as end-user training activities (with special attention to women and young people) through specific technology transfer solutions in collaboration with end-user associations from both Mediterranean shores.


The project will start with the set up of living labs, networks of local researchers and stakeholders in three different key fruit producing areas for the Mediterranean basin. In each area living labs will design and set up the new DREAM agroecosystem, adapting its specific features in terms of variety selected, variety-rootstock associations, training system, density; inter-row management with cover crops, water and IPPM management (WP1: from TRL2 to TRL3). In each site, the performance of the new agroecosystem, will be assessed from a holistic point of view, by comparing it against conventional apple and pear orchards (control) planted in the same sites at the beginning of the project. The evolution in the agronomical, physiological, pest and disease incidence, functional biodiversity, fruit quality in terms of nutraceutical components and soil fertility will be will be monitored along the agroecosystem development. Special attention will be given to the assessment of fruit quality and the identification of the secondary metabolites from the DREAM fruit as well as their potentil benefits (WP2: from TRL3 to TRL4). Based on the data collected in WP2, an integrated assessment and validation of the sustainability of the DREAM agroecosystem considering both the productive performance, the economic and social aspects, as well as the environmental sustainability will be carried out. Based on these results, guidelines for agricultural policies and governance recommendations will be generated and shared (WP3 from TRL4 to TRL5). To define the “growth levers” for DREAM sustainability and adoption, consumer surveys on the value of quality and nutritional attributes of the diversified products, coupled with the willingness of consumers to pay for the product’s added value will be carried out. This will allow elaborating specific marketing plans for the DREAM fruit products while proposing possible certification schemes for their added-value. In addition, specific storage protocols for the DREAM fresh products as well as tranformation processes based on the produced fruit (es. juices or jams with high nutraceutical value) will be tested. Consumers test on DREAM fresh and transformed products will be carried out, to assess consumers’ acceptance and better modulate marketing strategies (WP4 from TRL4 to TRL5). DREAM results will be disseminated involving the living labs, to the different social groups represented in the whole agricultural value chain, through targeted communication strategies to bring project findings closer to agricultural practices, while maximizing their exploitation in future projects (WP5).